“I never really trusted the idea of going to a therapist until I found myself stuck in a deep rut and started looking for help, with little hope I would find anyone that could really help me spring clean all my unfelt emotions. It was on Yelp that I found Maria’s practice and the reviews encouraged me to try her approach, as it struck me as genuine, down to earth and very very real.

Reality utterly outperformed expectations. Not only I felt immediately at ease with Maria due to her warm and accepting nature, but I have been able to go through immense progress in all aspects of my life thanks to her direct and no-nonsense approach. She harmoniously combines her deep knowledge of the counseling practice together with her natural intuitive and empathic qualities, making her an incredible support in rough times. Most of all though is that she empowers YOU to become your first and foremost ally. She doesn’t try to become indispensable and has actively worked with me to enable me to nurture self love by providing me with the tools to overcome setbacks.” – Emilia P.

“When I first set my sights on a therapist in San Diego a few years ago I tried out about 3 and didn’t like any of them.  I quickly became discouraged after spending so much money and having nothing to show.  I decided to sweep what I was dealing with under the rug .

Fast Forward a few years and here I am , going through a break up. Unsure of what I was feeling, totally blocked from my emotions.  Maria happened upon me and has honestly changed my life. Her approach is completely authentic.  She gets straight to the point, and she is extremely intuitive.  You may try to hide, but she will call you out.  What I love most about her and her approach is she doesn’t want to waste your time and her time if you aren’t interested in improving your life.  If you are willing to put the work in she is the best therapist around.  Her home office is wonderful, comfortable and inviting.”  – Leah L.

“Maria is truly a therapist like no other, she is down to earth and direct.  She won’t tell you what you want to hear and will always tell you what you need to hear which is vital to healing and growing.

I highly recommend both her one-on-one and group therapy.  Her group therapy sessions have helped me accelerate my process because it puts the skills I am learning into real life situations.  One of the most difficult things for me is learning to trust other people, and group therapy has helped IMMENSELY in that department.” – Sarah S.

“You know that ghostbusters theme song? “Who you gonna call?? ….” Well when sh*t hits the fan, Maria is who I want to talk to.  So to avoid sh*t hitting the fan, i like to talk to her on a fairly regular basis.  She is understanding, she is real, she cares and she has incredible insight.  There have been plenty of “ah-ha!” moments with her.  I’m a fan of her as a person and respect her as my therapist.” – Kim D.

“Maria has been tremendously helpful.  My girlfriend brought me to her because we were having difficulties and I have to admit that I was skeptical before having never been to a therapist.  In a very short time Maria made us both feel comfortable and at home.  She introduced us to new techniques of listening and communication that have made a WORLD of difference in our relationship and brought peace to our home.  I now go individually to see Maria to work on baggage that I am carrying from my past.

Maria is very professional and very caring.  She is great with giving you the tools to fix what you came to see her about.  As a personal trainer I realize that there are 168 hours in the week and of that I see her for 1. With the 1hr that I get with Maria, she definitely provides me with the tools to fix and grow over the remaining 167 hrs.  Go see her.  You will find that she can only help you make yourself better.” – Chris P.

“I have been going to see Maria for about 6 months now and hands down, she has been the best counselor I have ever had. I had seen a few therapists throughout the years and eventually went on to get my masters in counseling from the University of San Diego in 2010 so I could provide therapy to others. Earlier this year I saw her ad on Amazon and decided to check her out because I believe healing is a lifelong process that takes dedication and work. Self-care for counselors is key in being able to provide effective therapy. I am so glad I went to check Maria out!

She and her practice are compassionate, culturally competent,  ethical and loving. She is supportive, appropriately challenges, and uses a number of techniques to help individuals learn to heal from their past traumas and change negative and maladaptive thoughts and behavioral patterns. Above all I really do believe she cares about the lives of the people she works with. She is certified as a holistic health practitioner and a hypnotherapist and is very professional in her approach to therapy.” – Frank P.

For more reviews, visit Inner Peace’s Yelp page.