Maria Russo is an accomplished counselor, and I am so grateful to have worked through my issues with her. I was extremely depressed when I met her, and she provided me with new skills that included daily exercise, eating healthy foods, and a daily plan for living. Today, my life is happy and productive thanks to her. She is very dynamic, a great motivator, and I would recommend her methods to anyone. – Emillie Y.

I was in a very dark place when I began working with Maria. She understood what I was feeling and going through. I was so out of touch with my needs and wants and full of fear. Wow have things changed! Not only did I get out of a bad relationship, but I met someone new who is an amazing companion and friend who cares as much about my needs as I do theirs. I also followed my passion and changed careers. I am eating healthier and working out. Best of all, I have peace inside as I have a new found relationship with a higher power. I would recommend working with Maria to anyone who is feeling stuck and is ready for change. - Patricia F.

I have done lots of counseling prior to working with Maria. Since we began working together my life has changed for the best in a rather quick period of time. The mind, body, spirit counseling process addressed all of my needs. I never really looked at my health and lack of self-care before. As soon as I increased my exercise and improved my nutrition, I began to feel the malaise and depression lift. I felt tremendously better. I worked through the things that prevented me from moving forward and taking action. I would recommend Maria to anyone. - Gina L.

Thought I would try something different. A friend recommended Maria to me. I began the mind, body, spirit process. I felt hopeful from our first consultation. I am so much more active and involved in my life. I have made some very necessary changes that I had been resistant to making. I definitely recommend Maria and these holistic methods. - Jim C.

Mind, body, spirit counseling changed my life. I was stuck. I wasn’t really inspired or excited about anything until I did this work. Today, I have a new found gratitude and appreciation that I never felt before. My spirituality has been reawakened and I have a sense of peace and comfort within. Amazing work! Maria was someone I trusted entirely. Once I opened up to working through some painful, debilitating beliefs and behaviors my attitudes and views shifted entirely. Everything may look the same on the outside but on the inside I’m a whole new person. – Jenny S.

Maria was warm and welcoming. She created an environment that I felt safe in. I was skeptical at first about this process but not anymore. I have made so many positive changes that even my friends and family recognize. I am so much more optimistic, confident and present. I had no idea how closed off I was prior to seeing Maria. - Phil G.

I knew I needed help. I tried filling this emptiness within with food and in turn excessive working out and dieting. This has been a process of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I was able to see that what I was doing was not giving me the results I wanted. I became open to new solutions. I was able to identify with Maria’s help what I needed to fill my soul. I have been on a new path ever since. I have gone back to school, and I am moving in a whole new career direction that I am passionate about. I had no idea that the boredom and lack of energy was driven by my settling in a job that was going nowhere. Food is now just nutrition, not an emotional crutch as it had been before. I feel free for the first time of my obsession with food and appearance. My eating habits are better and I exercise regularly but not over excessively. I feel better than I have in many years. The mind, body, spirit process is extremely effective. - Julie W.