Group sessions are offered and available throughout the year. I design each group towards the needs of the members interested in a group experience. The groups are dynamic, interactive and incorporate healing exercises, creative expression, and guided meditation. Group work offers challenges and opportunities to grow in ways that individual work cannot provide.

Participation in the group process accelerates healing and change and facilitates genuine connection with others. They are also very popular and effective among individuals who are seeking to grow and build community. Participants of the groups are encouraged to also attend individual sessions which provide additional support and attention to issues and feelings that may arise as a result of the group process.

Holistic Groups Offered:

  • Creative Expression & Exploration of Self
  • Live Love Laugh (Couples Workshop)
  • A Healing and Transforming Journey Through the Chakras
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Accountability Groups: Support system for creating or maintaining physical fitness, nutrition, osptimum health & weight and good self-care
  • Building Community: A unique and fun event—A guided process that encourages breaking down barriers, honest sharing and a kinship with others