324562331_960A supportive experience that offers each party opportunities to learn, grow and change. It’s about increasing awareness, respect, honesty and love.

Building a bridge where there are gaps or creating new visions and goals as the relationship changes over time. There are so many negative connotations associated with couples.

I do not adhere to sessions that involve thrashing each other and proving the other person wrong. These sessions are positive and focus on opening minds and hearts to new possibilities. My role is to honor, support and facilitate communication of each individual in the couple, so that truths, concerns and needs can be voiced.  Also acknowledging what is good, what is working, the appreciation, acceptance and love and respect of each other is just as important.

Even when relationships are in crisis or in a slow or fast decline, creating safe, sacred space to address the issues is vital. Many couples can work through many issues, and often it involves individual mentoring as well, for both parties. Again, an open mind and willingness is the key. Sometimes couples conclude that ending a relationship is what’s best and healthiest. In these situations, support through the process is often very helpful.

Couples Workshops

The workshops involve several couples and are always very enlightening, meaningful, helpful and often fun. The exercises can be challenging, painful, delightful, energizing and can open doors that may have been closed intentionally or unintentionally. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable it is to keep the lines of communication open. So often I’m told by clients that it’s best to be dishonest to avoid hurting the other person. The damage is done and exacerbated from not speaking one’s truth. “The truth will set you free”, yes. It does not mean it wont hurt, but pain is a great motivator to healing, transforming and finding peace and joy!

I welcome all couples in any stage of your relationship or marriage. It is always such an honor and privilege to assist couples in enhancing their lives individually and together. It’s not a failure, but a success to admit and seek support and guidance when needed.